Our corporate management tools

For many years now, we have been developping three online management softwares aimed at simplifying a corporate’s management. These are intuitive and ergonomic. Those two qualities make them easy to use tools. From the creation of online estimates to the analysis of your activity via invoicing or service delivery encoding, these tools will save you valuable time.


Billder is an online software aimed at simplifying the creation and tracking of invoices and estimates.

Create an estimate in a few clicks from your article catalog. Create your invoices and deposite invoices from your estimates or your article catalog with the same ease. Finally, follow your invoices payment and send your reminders automatically.

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Timetrack is an online application designed to simplify the encoding and invoicing of your services delivery.

With Timetrack, your service invoices will be generated in a few clicks, ready to be sent to your customers. Then follow the payment of your bills, and send reminders automatically. Finally, analyze your service delivery through detailed reports. No matter what your activity is, Timetrack will increase its productivity

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Hiflow is our most complete solution. This software allows to adapt to any kind of activity.

Hiflow is a tool that combines the functionality of the article catalog, advanced invoicing and time tracking. All you can do in Billder and Timetrack, you can do it too in Hiflow.

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